What can Makro do to help you?

Under the new Law on Food (Allergen) Information for Consumers, any allergens in all food, whether packaged or not, must be perfectly identified. For the first time ever, restaurants, bars and catering services may be held liable in cases of a customer with an allergic reaction or intolerance; this is a huge responsibility which Makro would like to make a bit more bearable for its clients.

The Law distinguishes between:

  •  Packaged foods
  •  Non-packaged foods which are sold to end consumers

For the first group, the information on allergens must be included in the list of ingredients and highlighted with a different typeset (in quotation marks or in capital letters); in cases where the label does not offer said list, the law requires including the wording "contains" followed by the substance or product that may cause an intolerance or allergic reaction.
This means that as of 13 December, all packaged products must have a label that indicates whether they include any of the 14 food allergens which Regulation 1169/2011 lists for mandatory wording even if there is only a risk of the presence of traces.

At Makro, we've adapted all of the labels on our own brand products to highlight the potentially harmful ingredients in capital letters and bold type.

Restaurant liability: 

One of the main changes established by the new Food (Allergen) Information Act is that, as of 13 December 2014, restaurant owners are responsible for always reporting the substances that may cause allergic reactions in their dishes or menus.

The sanctions range from economic fines to criminal liability. This is why Makro is determined to make its customers' work easier by not only including the allergens on its labels but also by highlighting them against the other ingredients so they may be seen at a quick glance as required by the law.